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    american horror story: the police

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  2. Arachnodactyly, or “spider fingers”, is a condition in which the fingers are abnormally long and slender in comparison to the palm of the hand.

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    1. Me: do you like rough sex
    2. Them: yeah lip biting is great
    3. Me: no you don't understand
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    i put them all together

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    The Second Rape- Aus Rotten

    Every 45 seconds a woman is raped
    Our sexist culture allows no escape
    This violent crime is far from obscurity
    When the rate of victims is one in three

    Society conditions men to be rapists
    And our indifference perpetuates it
    With derogatory language that tends to dehumanize
    Making it easier for men to victimize

    And the pornographic images that help portray
    Women as legitimate sexual prey
    When sexism is embedded in our judicial system
    It’s no surprise why the courts won’t listen

    And the role of attacker and survivor become distorted
    So the majority of rapes are never reported

    The threat of rape is always there
    It’s like a poison that saturates the air
    A society stricken by a cancerous disease
    Where men know they can do as they please

    You tell me the punishment for rape
    You tell me how much jail time it will take
    When one out of three women will be raped
    You tell me what it’s going to fucking take

    Do you see me in my low cut shirt
    Or high heel shoes or a miniskirt
    Woman is the victim you desire
    You say you can’t resist your predatory fire

    You tell me why I stand guilty and accused
    You tell me when I’m beaten and abused
    When it’s my body that’s been raped and defiled
    You tell me why I’m the one on trial

    Defense attorney: Do you know the man who “allegedly” attacked you?
    Victim: Yes, I know the man who raped me.
    Defense attorney: And isn’t this gentleman a friend of yours?
    Victim: Well, I thought he was a friend of mine.
    Defense attorney: And were you drinking that night he “allegedly” attacked you?
    Victim: I had a drink or two but is that a crime?
    Defense attorney: I’ll ask the questions if you don’t mind!
    -What were you wearing? How did you act?
    Victim: My wardrobe is not a reason for some guy to attack.
    -I didn’t act in any way to bring this on. Why am I on trail? What did I do wrong?
    Defense attorney: Could you tell the jury why you let this happen?
    Victim: I was in shock. I couldn’t stop him.
    Defense attorney: You claim that you were raped but how do we know?
    Victim: I said no, I said no, I said no, no, no!
    Defense attorney: Isn’t it true you’re just a woman scorned?
    Victim: I’m a woman who’s been raped and torn.
    Defense attorney: Your honor, I demand that this case be dismissed,
    -it all comes down to her word against his!
    I may not have bruises all over my body
    I may have been drinking while at the party
    But when I went to his room I never would have guessed
    That he would force my no to mean a yes
    You tell me why I’m guilty of this crime
    You tell me why the responsibility is mine
    When women suffer a second rape during trial
    Courts help rapists to violate and defile

    This sonny makes my heart happy. Fuck yeah crust punks for telling it how it is.

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    The proper response to street harassment

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